The Mandate Update Project

COVID-19 vaccinations – which employers are mandating them?

The aim of this project is to provide information on the current mandates for COVID-19 vaccinations made by large employers and governments in Australia for their employees. The information provided in the spreadsheet below is, to the best of our knowledge, correct at the date given for each employer. It is possible that companies and governments may have changed their stance on mandates since that date.

Given the large number of organisations to contact, it may take quite some time before a full picture of the situation in Australia is obtained.

If you would like us to find out the situation for a particular (large) employer, please email with your suggestion.

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EmployerCategoryDate of most recent contact with the employer/visit to websiteInformation sourceEmployer statement on that dateLatest press release or website update on vaccine mandatesDate of press release or website updateWho is mandated and for what?Implementation date
ACTGovernment2022-09-20Website confirmed by email correspondenceN/A AND care workers, disability workers, community and in-home aged care workers must be triple vaccinated. Orders will cease when the Public Health Emergency ends (currently to 30th September 2022). Workers who have had COVID-19 within the past four months can work regardless of their vaccination status. The requirement for heathcare workers to be vaccinated ended on 13 May 2022. 2022-04-04
AldiFood retail2022-08-17Email from corporate media teamDeclined to comment"From 1 March 2022, a condition of ongoing employment with ALDI will be that employees are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they have a valid medical exemption. This requirement will apply to all employees across stores, warehouse, transport and offices."2022-03-01
ColesFood retail2022-08-18Email from corporate media teamDeclined to comment"Coles will require team members to be vaccinated as a condition of working at any of our stores, distribution centres and other sites in New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria, unless they have a valid exemption." "Government health orders also require Coles team members in the Northern Territory and Coles supermarket team members in Western Australia to be vaccinated in order to work." "Coles will continue to work with health authorities and team members to strongly encourage the uptake of vaccination in Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania, where vaccination is not currently required as a condition of work."26 November 2021 VIC 17 December 2021 NSW 17 December 2021 ACT 25 December 2021 NT 31 January 2022 WA
Commonwealth BankBanking2022-08-18Email from corporate media team"Our vaccination policy has been an important [part] of our response to manage the risks associated with the transmission and severity of the COVID-19 virus in our workplaces. Since the introduction of our policy last year, we have seen a number of changes and easing of restrictions and public health orders as governments evolve their position in line with shifting community expectations. With this in mind, together with the consideration of expert medical advice, we intend to update our vaccination policy and remove the requirement for mandatory vaccination as a condition to attend CBA workplaces from 1 September 2022. We continue to encourage all employees to be vaccinated including to receive additional vaccination doses in line with health authority recommendations. As always, we will continue to monitor the latest developments and health advice regarding COVID in the community and update our guidance as required."Mandates removed2022-09-01
Harris Farm MarketsFood retail2022-08-17Email from corporate media teamDeclined to comment
IGA SupermarketsFood retail2022-08-17No response from media team received to date
Northern TerritoryGovernment2022-09-15WebsiteN/A workers mandated 2022-06-15
NSWGovernment2022-09-16WebsiteN/A AND July 2022 and 1 September 2022Disability workers and aged care workers must have three doses. Healthcare workers must have two doses, unless they are entering an aged care facility in which case they must have 3 doses, as must students.2022-09-05
QueenslandGovernment2022-09-14WebsiteN/A AND at residential aged care facilities and shared disability accommodation service facilities are required to have had 3 doses of a vaccine by 30th September 20222022-09-30
South AustraliaGovernment2022-09-15WebsiteN/A AND AND, aged care and disability support workers 28 January 2022 and 4 March 2022
TasmaniaGovernment2022-09-15WebsiteN/A workers mandated 2022-07-01
VictoriaGovernment2022-09-14WebsiteN/A AND in place for people working at a healthcare facility, a residential aged care facility or a special school facility, and also for custodial workers, disability workers and emergency services workers. People aged over 18 must have had 3 vaccinations, those aged under 18 must have had two. The list of included workers is extensive, and for instance, a person who works in a completely different sector but does interact with people with a disability as part of their work is also mandated.Workplace Order No 10 applies from 12 July to 12 October 2022.
WesfarmersConglomerate2022-09-19Email from corporate media team"Wesfarmers is a conglomerate and all our businesses are run as autonomous divisions. At Wesfarmers' corporate office,  vaccination is only required where there is a government public health order in place that requires vaccination for a location or worker type.  If you require further information from any of our divisions, please get in touch with them directly."
Western AustraliaGovernment2022-09-15WebsiteN/A and health support workers in hospitals and primary health care settings, workers in residential aged care facilities, and disability support accommdation workers. Workers aged over 16 years must be triple-dosed.2022-06-10
WoolworthsFood retail2022-08-15Email from corporate media team"Our vaccination mandate is still in place and requires team members to have at least two doses of an approved vaccine.""It will apply group-wide and cover Australian team members working in stores, distribution and online fulfilment centres, and support offices."31 January 2022 ACT, NSW, NT, VIC, WA. 31 March 2022 QLD, SA, TAS
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