Covid injections - which employers are mandating them?

The Mandate Update Project

The aim of this project is to provide information on the current mandates for COVID-19 vaccinations made by large employers and governments in Australia for their employees.

We need volunteers!

Could you give an hour a day (at a time that suits you between 9am and 5pm) on three days a week (any days of your choice)?

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The work involves finding contact details for the media departments of large employers, emailing them a standard question about whether they mandate (using our email address), and then following them up by email or phone if necessary to obtain an answer.

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With limited resources, we are currently prioritising the Excess Deaths project. If you are keen for more updates on the situation with covid injection mandates in Australia please consider volunteering!

The next update is planned for the second half of April, 2023

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Information is provided in the searchable table below, and can also be downloaded as a colour-coded Excel spreadsheet. The Excel spreadsheet provides more detailed information, including links to employer websites where appropriate.

As far as we can ascertain, the information is correct at the date given for each employer.

If an employer would like to correct or add information, please email

Given the large number of organisations to contact, it may take some time before a full picture of the situation in Australia is obtained.

If you would like us to find out the situation for a particular (large) employer, or if you have information on an employer’s current policy on mandates, please email

EmployerMandating?Who is mandated and for what?CategoryDate of most recent contact with the employer/visit to website
ACTNoMandates for disability and aged care workers were removed 30th September 2022. Mandates for healthcare workers were removed 13th May 2022.Government2022-10-06
Affinity Education GroupNoChildcare2023-02-27
AldiNoMandates removed 1st December 2022Food retail2022-12-02
Alliance AirlinesUnknownUnresponsiveAirline2022-12-05
ANZUnknownDeclined to commentBanking2023-03-14
Brimbank City Council, VICUnknownUnresponsiveLocal government2022-12-15
Busy BeesUnknownUnresponsiveChildcare2023-03-08
Challenge Community ServicesUnknownUnresponsiveDisability2023-03-14
City of Subiaco, WAUnknownUnresponsiveLocal government2022-12-09
Clinical LabsUnknownUnresponsivePathology lab2023-03-10
ColesNoMandates removed 1-03-2023Retail2023-03-14
Commonwealth BankNoMandates removed 1st September 2022Banking2022-08-18
Communities at WorkYesTwo doses required for all staffChildcare2023-03-14
Charles Sturt UniversityNoUniversity2023-03-06
David JonesNoRetail2022-10-19
Diabetes VictoriaYesVictorian healthcare vaccination requirements for all staff. Vaccination requirements in place for children attending Disability CampsHealthcare2023-03-15
Disability Services AustraliaUnknownUnresponsiveDisability2023-03-14
Disability TrustUnknownUnresponsiveDisability2023-03-14
DominosNoFast food2023-03-15
DoordashUnknownDeclined to commentFast food2023-03-13
Flourish AustraliaUnknownUnresponsiveMental Health2023-03-14
G8 Education (includes Bambinos, Buggles, Casa Bambini, Childcare Saver, Community Kids, Creative Garden, First Grammar, Great Beginnings, Greenwood, Headstart, Jellybeans, Kinder Haven, Kindy Patch Kids, Koo Kids, Learning Sanctuary, Leor, Nurture One, Pelican, Penguin, Sandcastles, World of Learning) NoChildcare2023-02-23
GeneaUnknownSituation unclear. Two doses were required for all staff. Mandate stated to have lapsed. Policy under reviewHealthcare2023-03-07
GoodstartYesVaccination required for all staffChildcare2023-03-01
Guardian Childcare and Education (includes Bridge Kids, Eden Academy, Fig Tree Pocket, Gumboots, Gracelands, Bridge Kids, Leopold, Platypus Junction, Truganina, Watsonia)
YesTwo doses required for all staffChildcare2023-03-01
Harris Farm MarketsUnknownUnresponsiveFood retail2023-03-13
HeadspaceUnknownUnresponsiveMental Health2023-03-14
Healius (including Abbott Pathology, AgileX Biolabs, ASAP Pathology, Dorevitch Pathoogy, GastroLab Gut Diagnosis, Genomic Diagnostics, IQ Pathology, Kossard Dermatopathoogists, Laverty Pathology, QML Pathology, QML Vetnostics, Vetnostics, TML Pathology, TML Vetnostics, Vetpath Laboratory Services, Western Diagnostic Pathology)
YesVaccination required for all staffPathology lab2023-03-13
HistopathNoPathology lab2023-03-09
Hungry JacksUnknownUnresponsiveFast food2023-03-10
Independent Community Living AustraliaUnknownUnresponsiveMental Health2023-03-14
IGA Supermarkets Head OfficeNoThere is no mandate from head office. Individual IGA store owners make their own decision on policies for their staffFood retail2022-10-19
Keiki Early LearningUnknownUnresponsiveChildcare2023-03-08
Kennards Self StorageNoNever mandatedStorage2022-10-13
KFCUnknownUnresponsiveFast food2023-03-13
KU Children's ServicesUnknownDeclined to commentChildcare2023-03-01
Life Without BarriersUnknownUnresponsiveDisability2023-03-14
McDonald Jones HomesUnknownUnresponsiveProperty development2023-03-13
McDonaldsUnknownUnresponsiveFast food2023-03-13
Mind AustraliaUnknownUnresponsiveMental Health2023-03-14
Montessori AcademyUnknownUnresponsiveChildcare2023-03-08
Mosaic Brands Ltd (includes Autograph, Beme, Crossroads, Katies, Millers, Noni B, Rockmans, Rivers, W. Lane)UnknownUnresponsiveRetail2022-12-02
Macquarie UniversityNoUniversity2023-03-06
MulticapYesAt least two doses required for all staffDisability2023-03-14
NBNYesTwo doses required for all employees and external workers who are customer and community-facingTelecommunications2023-03-08
Northern TerritoryNoMandates removed 15 June 2022Government2022-09-15
NSWNoMandates removed 1st December 2022Government2022-11-30
Open MindsYesTwo doses required for all staffMental Health2023-03-14
QANTASUnknownQantas was mandating all staff until 16th December. They say they have "made the decision to remove the requirement to be fully vaccinated". It is unclear whether some staff will still be required to be vaccinated and Qantas has not answered a question about this. What appears to be an internal Qantas letter to staff has been sighted via which suggests this may be the case.Airline2022-12-21
QueenslandNoMandates removed 31st October. Mandates remain for Queensland HealthGovernment2023-03-16
Queensland Ambulance ServiceYesMandates in place Healthcare2023-03-16
Queensland HealthMandates include but not limited to: health care providers, assistant nuses, enrolled nurses, registered nurses, doctors, allied health practitioners, administration and support staff and staff working in Queensland Health residential aged care homesHealthcare
Rex AirlinesUnknownUnresponsiveAirline2023-03-10
Southern Cross UniversityUnknownUnresponsiveUniversity2023-03-10
SonicUnknownUnresponsivePathology lab2023-03-09
South AustraliaNoRemaining state mandates removed 23rd November 2023Government2023-03-15
StocklandYesTwo does required for all employees, directly engaged contractors, visitors and guestsProperty development2022-12-02
Sydney Opera HouseNoEntertainment2023-03-13
Sydney WaterYesTwo doses required for all staffUtility2023-03-15
TasmaniaNoAll mandates removed 1st July 2022Government2022-09-15
Tasmanian Department of HealthNoHealthcare2022-11-17
Tasmanian TreasuryNoFinance2022-12-01
TelstraYesIt appears there are still a minority of roles that require staff to be vaccinatedTelecommunications2022-11-25
The Benevolent SocietyUnknownUnresponsiveDisability2023-03-14
University of New EnglandUnknownUnresponsiveUniversity2023-03-10
University of MelbourneNoChildcare2023-02-24
University of MelbourneNoEducation2023-02-24
University of New South WalesNoUniversity2023-03-02
University of NewcastleUnknownUnresponsiveUniversity2023-03-10
University of SydneyNoUniversity2023-03-02
University of WollongongUnknownUnresponsiveUniversity2023-03-13
University of Technology SydneyNoUniversity2023-03-02
University of Western SydneyUnknownUnresponsiveUniversity2023-03-13
VictoriaYesSince 13th October 2022 vaccination requirements including one booster remain in: public health services; public hospitals;denominational hospitals; private hospitals and day procedure centres;ambulance services;patient transport services that are engaged or engaged by a health service or Ambulance Victoria;residential aged care services operated by public health services. Influenza vaccines are also mandatedGovernment2023-03-15
VirginYesVaccination required for all staffAirline2023-03-07
Wesfarmers Corporate OfficeNoNo mandates in place at corporate officeConglomerate2022-09-19
Western AustraliaNoRemaining mandates removed 4th November 2022Government2022-11-04
WestpacNoMandates for staff, contractors and suppliers ended on October 17th 2022Banking2022-10-12
WoolworthsNoMandates removed 14th November 2921Food retail2022-11-22
WT Financial GroupNoNever mandatedFinance2022-10-13
ZambrerosUnknownUnresponsiveFast food2023-03-10
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